5 Tips for Summers Sales for Eyewear Brands

Eyewear brands need to have a dedicated marketing and sales strategy that can revamp their summer sales. 2020 definitely wasn’t the year for summery sales, but eyewear brands can look forward to a better 2021 summer. There are some steps you can take to gear up for summers sales for eyewear brands. We have compiled an easy list that eyewear brands can follow to make a difference this summer.

1.  Offer A Sense of Freedom

People have been cooped up in their homes for a while now, so they are looking forward to coming out of their confinement. New CDC and WHO guidelines show that people who have taken their vaccines can go anywhere freely without restriction. You can use that to your advantage; people will be visiting water parks, public pools, beaches, and open parks this summer. They need high-quality premium sunglasses to protect them as they do.

2.  Focus On Summery Fun


 Summer fun is all about outdoor activities, the sun, and fresh air. Pushing the idea of having fun in the summer can be a good approach to ramp up your eyewear sales. If you are located near the water, amplify that by bringing in swimsuits, beaches, and fun shades into the mix. Take note of the summer activities that people will be indulging in for your marketing and sales strategy.

3.  Vacation Excitement

With travel opening up, families are looking forward to going on vacation this coming summer. They may not even be going on international vacations, but domestic travel can also be a great factor for summer sales for eyewear brands. There is a huge need for children’s, women’s, and men’s sunglasses when it comes to vacationing in the summers.

4.  Safety and Health

There is no bad time to talk about safety and health when it comes to eyewear. There is now a collective focus on health issues in general due to the pandemic, so it can be easier to engage with customers on this too. Reminding your eyewear customers of the dangers of UV ray exposure and how it can be bad for your eyes is a good idea. While you don’t want to scare them into buying your sunglasses, you can encourage them to do it because it is better for their eyes if they invest in premium pairs.

5.  Affordability

Ramp up discussions about discounts, financial savings, free shipping, flexible payment methods, and any other factor that makes your brand the most cost-effective option. Premium eyewear brands know the struggle of convincing folks to buy expensive but high-quality glasses; you have to focus on making sure the customer realizes the importance of good craftsmanship on the eyes.

Eredità Eyewear is an eyewear distributor that can help you market and sell your eyewear products efficiently and effectively. We have a huge network of experts that you can take advantage of when it comes to ramping up your summer sales for eyewear brands.

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