Creating a Strong Sales Funnel for Eyewear Brands

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It is important to work on creating a strong sales funnel for eyewear brands since it is such a competitive industry. A proper strategy for discounts, sales, and promotional offers built for the year can really make a difference when it comes to attracting more clientele.

Let’s take a look at 6 simple steps that can get you the sales funnels your business needs to not only survive – but thrive!

1.  Preparation

The first step to building sales funnels for eyewear brands is the prep work involved. “But it’s just a discount here and a promo there. What’s the big deal?” – You may ask. The reason why prep is so important is that promotional offers may even end up harming a business if proper preparation is not done. It is important to focus on seasonal discounts since customers are already ramped up to buy; prepare for all the coming holidays and discount days in advance for the coming year.

2.  Sales Strategy

It is also vital to set a list of objectives that you need to meet. This can include getting repeat customers, strengthening loyalty, attracting new customers, removing old inventory, etc. The objective of the sales funnel will dictate how you will implement your sales strategy. For example, to attract new customers, you will need to have a limited-time offer that gets them to purchase ASAP, while offering loyalty discounts can get you repeat clients.

3.  Protect Your Profit Margins

Offering a raging sale will not get you anywhere if you end up hurting your profit margins. You need to calculate how much profit you will still make after the discounts. You also need to factor marketing costs into this calculation.

4.  Discount Items

Any marketing campaign needs to clearly state what the discounted items are. All the terms of your discounts also need to be clearly displayed for the sales to succeed. No customer likes to sit down and calculate the cost after price or confuse it with the original one, so make sure that the process is as streamlined for them as possible.

5.  Test It Out

You also need to measure the results carefully after creating an object and implementing your sales strategy. Were you able to meet your target? Did your sales increase overall? If it didn’t work out the way you imagined it, there’s no need to abandon ship. You can test out different types of discounts and promotions on your eyewear.

6.  Offer Eye-Catching Promotions

One way to create a great sales funnel for eyewear brands is to offer eye-catching promotions like free shipping. You may want to think carefully about that one, though, since delivery and packaging can cost a lot. Partnering up with an eyewear distributor brand like Eredità Eyewear will allow you to offer free shipping to all your customers!

If you want to build a strong sales funnel for eyewear brands, you have to create better channels of distribution and shipping. Eredità Eyewear can help you increase your profits by acting as your main supplier. We provide free shipping to all your customers and decrease your costs for marketing, supply chains, and distribution.

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