Eredità Eyewear launches new brand: TUMI Eyewear

Eredità Eyewear is proud to launch a new exclusive brand to the Canadian market: TUMI Eyewear! TUMI is a leading international travel, lifestyle & performance brand. They raise the var for excellence when it comes to top performance cutting edge design, best-in-class functionality.


Boasting Japanese craftmanship, each frame is constructed in premium lightweight materials and scored with unique details, resulting in extraordinary eyewear.


The TUMI collection is balanced into three areas of focus which includes optical, sun and readers. We’ll be introducing 15 optical styles, 11 sun styles and 3 reader styles.


Since 1975, TUMI has been optimizing world-class business, travel and lifestyle essentials with an elevated product design to uncomplicate, beautify, and seamlessly complement the lives of their customers on the move.


The brand has a strong dedication to excellence and innovation. Their designs are as purposeful as they are elegant, using premium and sustainable materials with an eye for functionality and new technology integration. Everything the brand creates is designed is to move and built to last.


Focused on quality, innovation & world class excellence, TUMI caters to movers and makers. They have direction and determination, passion and purpose and feel at home in any time zone. Their community is global and they draw inspiration from diverse cultures across the map.


To schedule a private showing of the new TUMI collection please schedule an appointment or visit us at Eredità Eyewear for more details on the brand launch and frame details. 

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