Eyewear Trends for 2021 That Eyewear Brands Should Focus On

When 2021 began, a lot of people started focusing on hitting the refresh button. We all want to embrace the energy that this year brings, especially after the last one we have had. Fashion, of course, also takes the changing times into account when they are creating new designs. Eyewear is another important part of the fashion industry that you need to focus on. Since it is such a personal accessory, there can’t be one size or design that will fit everyone.

Eyewear trends for 2021 have come to the forefront with many loving the new looks. A lot of designers took timeless and beloved silhouettes for eyewear and upgraded them to keep up with the changing needs of customers. If you look at the history of fashion, it continues to reflect the state that society is in. Eyewear trends have moved to timeless designs, statement frames, and balancing novelty.

Customers are now starting to practice quick purchasing for styles that are subtle, versatile, and easy to match with. For example, you can consider the classic shape for cat eyes but now upgraded for a more angular and narrower shape.

We have here some eyewear trends for 2021 that you can also focus on for the coming season.

Le Sport

For summer, there has been a huge trend towards sportswear with outfits coming out inspired by tennis. Hence, a lot of people are now looking for sporty glasses to go with their outfits. Sunglasses and glasses designed with sporty frames that offer a sleek aesthetic have become quite popular.

Retro Round

Retro frames definitely create a feeling of nostalgia that is here to stay for this season. You should look into retro round frames that come in bright colors.

Fun Rectangles

Rectangle shapes have been the focus of many eyewear brands since a lot of people are looking into them. However, there are some ways to elevate rectangle sunglasses with acetate and bright colors. Olive greens, smoky reds, and vibrant blues are in season since they uplift you at once.

Angular Cat-Eyes

Cat-eye frames are definitely a shape that stays in forever. Eyewear brands often have that dynamic look with narrow lenses for the modern feel.


The 70s style of huge XXL glasses with square lenses is definitely making a comeback in the coming season. You can enhance your look with an extra-large pair of glasses that come in neutral tones that look luxurious as well. Blacks and browns can give an elevated look to the glasses.

Tinted Aviators

Aviators are another classic-looking shape that never seems to go of style ever. Eyewear brands are now updating aviators with subtle colors for lenses that look simply great.

Blue-Light Protection

We are always on our phones and digital screens, so we should all get glasses that offer blue-light protection. They can help protect our eyes from the harmful effects that blue light can have. Eyewear brands are starting to create really chic frames that have this technology.

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