How the Eyewear Industry Has Changed to Accommodate New Customers?

Millennial and Gen Z customers are more concerned with being fashion-forward when it comes to their accessories like eyewear. The new group of customers are more likely to value simple but useful technology as well, so you should be upfront about how your eyewear production is done. Such characteristics are essential for eyewear retailers to focus on: combing convenience, innovation, and fashion to market their products to the younger generations.

Let’s take a closer look at how the eyewear industry has changed to accommodate younger customers.

1.  Fashion Over Comfort

The younger generations are more focused on making sure they are keeping up with fashion trends as well as focusing on their own sense of style. This means that they want chic and unique designs that allow them to stand out from the pack. Eyewear brands should focus on offering a greater range of designs so that customers have plenty of choices that suit to their tastes. Since millennials also love making a personal, unique statement, you should allow younger generations to have as many fit, brand, color, and lens options. Eredità Eyewear has made sure to stay on top of this by partnering with different eyewear brands.

Designer eyewear brands will be glad to know that millennials are also far more image-conscious when it comes to designer brands. They like going for high-quality brands because they know they can offer long-lasting reliability. Millennials don’t care as much about comfort as they do about the fashion and designer aspects of eyewear brands.

2.  Creating Better Participation

Millennials are also more likely to purchase their eyewear products online rather than in physical stores. Going online makes a lot of sense for eyewear brands since people want to go on a consumer journey that is convenient. With online shopping, you want to make sure that you offer an accurate representation of all your products so that customers have the right picture of what they are getting. This will keep returns low for you.

Eredità Eyewear is a distributor that oversees logistics and shipping for eyewear brands that keeps costs low for brands and customers. Since 40% of online purchases are by millennials, you have to specifically target your eyewear brands according to the audience. With specific targeting, you will get greater participation from the audience.

3.  Look Forward

Eredità Eyewear is always looking forward to the next trend as a distributor. When you are considering your eyewear brand business model, you should make sure to make it more customer-centric. Some questions that you need to ask to get ahead of the trend is:

  1. Are there any customer needs that haven’t been met?
  2. What is a great tech-friendly solution you can incorporate for greater personalization and customization?
  3. Do you have design experience that should be shared?
  4. How to convert transactional experience into sharable experiences even after transactions are completed?

Now that you know how the eyewear industry has changed over the years to accommodate new generations, you should start looking forward. You should look at the trends that are coming so that you can stay on top of the game.

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