Shifting Eyewear Marketing to Digital Spaces

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When you are shifting your eyewear marketing to digital spaces, you have to make sure that you create a truly winning campaign that can drive your sales for high-end premium eyewear to retailers who are more conscious of the price tag. You can only do this if you have a truly inspiring narrative that celebrates authenticity, self-expression, diversity, and inclusion; this is what users are looking for.

While a lot of people these days wear eyeglasses, they mostly shop from physical stores. From a marketing perspective, when you are selling licensed products like eyewear, you need to develop a strong strategy. You need to pay close attention to any brand partnerships you make and the platforms that will be selling your eyewear.

Hence, when premium eyewear brands like Furla and Chopard came to Eredità Eyewear, we knew that establishing a connection was of vital importance. We needed to build momentum in our digital spaces where the eyewear would be sold and market their eyewear line in a way that even price-conscious consumers would be ready to invest.

We mainly targeted Gen Z and millennials with our marketing strategy, so we knew we had to focus on capturing authenticity, diversity, and inclusion in our campaigns. This segment of the population is definitely price-conscious but also fashion-forward, so we have legroom to work with them on this.

For this reason, Eredità Eyewear does proper research into how to connect with customers. Placing customers as a high-value investment and focusing on authenticity can prevent customers from feeling alienated from high-end eyewear brands.

This segment of customers definitely spends quite a bit of effort and time researching purchases they make, especially if they are expensive. They are most likely to focus on the opinions and reviews of other people to make their decision. Ensuring that you have a thriving digital media presence is vital because it can bring more customers to your door.

Creating unique campaigns that can help bring recognition to the eyewear brand and truly show what the brand is all about is the key here. Customers love to explore deeper themes with businesses and ‘see’ them for their messaging and branding. For example, Police offers customers an urban spirit that celebrates style, sleekness, and attitude. Celebrating their inspiration with unabashed individuality can bring in more customers.

At Eredità Eyewear, we make sure that we are amplifying the existing values of the brand to communicate the authenticity of our eyewear marketing campaigns. Combining insights into the eyewear brand’s values with our marketing experts can create quite a profitable marketing campaign. If you are looking for a premium eyewear distributor to market and sell your eyewear, Eredità Eyewear is the way to go.

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