Top Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

Sure, a trendy pair of sunglasses can look really cool, but eyewear brands should focus on ensuring that they are providing the top sunglasses for summer that actually protect people’s eyes from UV rays too. The eyes are quite fragile and delicate, and exposure to harmful UV rays can damage them. This causes macular degeneration, cataracts, and other issues. The delicate skin around the eyes that is more susceptible to aging needs a shield too.

Eyewear brands need to ensure that they are modeling their sunglasses after the top sunglasses for summer to protect the eyes of their wearers. Here are some brands that are ahead of the game when it comes to eyewear protection and trendy designs.

1.    Chopard

Chopard has been quite revolutionary when it comes to design and eye protection. The Italian eyewear brand manufactures high-quality glasses that can shield the eyes from UV rays, ensuring that your eyes are protected. Chopard has partnered with Eredità Eyewear to bring free and easy shipping to the US too. Eyewear brands should make their glasses accessible to people by expanding their distribution, just like Chopard has.

2.    TUMI

TUMI has revolutionized the design of sunglasses in a way that pretty much any customer will appreciate. The same old designs can become boring to customers, which is why staying unique by innovating your designs can give you an edge over your competitors. TUMI provides sunglasses in different colors, lenses, designs, and shapes to offer customers a huge variety of choices. However, they stay true to protecting their clientele too.

3.    Police

Police has introduced a unisex line of sunglasses that combine different materials and lenses to bring you the variety you need to choose a pair that fits your aesthetic. Classic metal, durable plastic, and high-quality lenses bring you the protection you need to protect your eyes during the summer months. In the coming months, you should try out their sunglasses if you want the ultimate protection you need from the sun but also look trendy while doing it.

4.    John Varvatos

John Varvatos is a premium eyewear brand that is known for its high-quality craftsmanship. They take inspiration from the past but keep it modern, fresh, and new. Their take on sunglasses has ensured that customers can always find what they need in the new arrivals. The comfortable, luxurious style of each pair of sunglasses brings protection for the eyes while staying trendy and chic.

Going to a premium eyewear brand ensures that you get the protection you need to stun in the summer days while keeping harmful rays away from your eyes. However, a lot of customers may hesitate to buy such premium glasses (even though they need them) because of the high costs. You will be able to keep costs low for your eyewear brand by partnering with an eyewear distributor like Eredità Eyewear. The top sunglasses for summer are those that are affordable and of high quality.


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